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According to a report from CTIA

Le 14 October 2018, 06:58 dans Humeurs 0

According to a report from CTIA, an American wireless1 industry association, China is the country with the most advanced preparations for the 5G era and has the most developed wireless market, followed by South Korea and the United States. The report says that China is leading the 5G race thanks to a combination of industry momentum2 and government support. Meantime, in its latest Global Mobile Trends report, the GSM Association (GSMA) says the number of global 5G connections is expected to reach 1.2 billion by 2025, and that China will be the largest market by then. China, the United States, Japan, and Europe will account for more than 70 percent of the global 5G market with nearly 900 million connections. The GSMA report points out that China will be the source of the largest growth in mobile revenue, accounting3 for around 40 percent of the global total between 2017 and 2025. And 5G technology is expected to support emerging technologies including Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things. China is working towards commercializing 5G technology by 2020. All of the country's major domestic network operators have committed to this timeline and are conducting extensive trials of the new technology. Meanwhile, the government has opened up significant amounts of mid- and high-band spectrum4 for their use.

Mention spiritual life

Le 27 September 2018, 09:24 dans Humeurs 0

"Money can make a ghost go, money has two gits, it hurts all the time." Since the beginning of this evil thing with money, there has been no peace in the world. Only when material life is satisfied can people begin to pursue spiritual life. But money is never enough! Maybe no one in the world can really pursue spiritual life.

Mention spiritual life. The first thing people thought of was Tao Yuanming. Li Bai. Why didn't Tao Yuanming bow to eight meters of rice? Because the rice was not enough. Is it really simple for Tao Yuanming to go home to see chrysanthemums? Don't make trouble. Old fellow, he just can't afford to get that EQ in the workplace. Li Bai has a rich family background. He has the capital to play around. And his original intention is not willing to be an official? In today's words, Li Bai is a rich second generation who does not want to learn, but also wants to be an official.

In this way, there may be no one in the world who only pursues spiritual life. If so, it should be the founders of the Taoist school. Li Er and Zhuang Zhou. Especially Mr. Lao Zhuang. He is really free. I really envy him and admire his mentality. The attitude of not asking about the world. "Good times, too. A single meal, a drink, in the alley. This is Confucius'comment on one of his disciples, Yan Hui. To be honest, I really yearn for such a life and do not need to live like this.

In fact, there are some people who only pursue spiritual life. They are Chinese college students. Being suppressed by learning for twelve years. Finally, they began to indulge themselves. They are really pursuing spiritual life, but they can not do "people can not afford to worry about it, and can not change their happiness back." Once their financial resources are cut off, they immediately begin to pursue material life, which is the origin of work-study.

Deep black, high tone in home decoration palette.

Le 4 September 2018, 14:20 dans Humeurs 0

Deep black, high tone in home decoration palette.



Advanced black has its inherent high profile and elegance. It is the most flexible soft color in home design. At the same time, advanced black has good integration. Whether it's gray, or colorful, black and white classics, or light and luxurious with gold, it can hold perfectly with its strength and reveal its superiority. High-grade ash to avoid the use of large areas, otherwise easy to build into a "black house", then the collocation of high-grade ash is what?



When choosing the high sense of pure black home blending space, we should pay attention to the selection:



1, soft and black with a thin thread.



The pure Nordic brand Verdon from Belgium was founded by designer Dimitri De Vochr. The leisure chair called "landing on the moon" comes from the designer of Verdon.



Designers will be lightweight and fine lines to the extreme, the chair body only runs through a whole piece of retro cowhide, so simple and full of tension! Like a human conquest of outer space, rocket flight is a process of constant weight loss, energy burnout is removed until it reaches the space station, or even the ultimate lunar landing. The design of chairs is to simplify complexity and turn cocoons into butterflies. Is it cool to see and sit as lightly as walking on the moon?

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2, make good use of bright colors to form visual impact and alleviate the black sense of oppression.



With the "plane thinking" to solve the "three-dimensional problem", points, lines, surfaces through innovative combination, structure, ingenious realization of this sofa called "improvisation". The splicing of black and red, and the splicing of sofa back and sofa, all highlight a kind of interest. Red sofa leg is the highlight of the whole sofa, with warm color thin lines, smart for the sofa to add a touch of tonality.



3, more articles on the material, add a sense of advanced.



Just like music, it is the beauty of this tea table. Overlooking the coffee table, the black-and-white texture of the fusion is like the notes beating in the five-line spectrum, flowing gracefully, connecting. A whole piece of marble slab is cut into elliptical shape, perfectly adapted to all kinds of household models, it can also be advanced material, add color to the black set. This tea table is high and low, overlapping combination or scattered layout, randomly placed in the space, are amazing.



4, start with large furniture, then add one more icing on the lamp.



The original idle stop lamp from the squeak, with a thin line design to break the black stiffness, but with an elegant agility, let people feel water. Black furniture can form a good fit with it, not only can emphasize the use of advanced black, but also in an interesting way to add space light source, in order to achieve better light and shadow effect.

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5. From the space considerations, let this high-level aesthetic feeling on the wall, in order to hold the whole family feel in a good echo.

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The whole black-and-white decorative painting is also familiar with the blending of colors. In the performance of black, this decorative painting cleverly dissolves the deep black, in a rather flexible form, the decorator naturally no pressure.



In addition, regular geometric lines are also very smart. Adorn the dull white walls and make the space full of the Nordic wind.



In addition to black and white decorative paintings on the wall can be a senior black genius, with a good sense of penetration of the mirror, is also a home decoration weapon. On the choice, the mirror should not be too big, otherwise there will be a suspicion of having a big fight. Choosing a medium-sized and black-framed decorative mirror can not only add a sense of spaciousness with a certain refraction effect, but also cater to the theme, skillfully show high-level.


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