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Feet itch is the reason and treatment

Le 7 novembre 2017, 04:44 dans Humeurs 0

The disease occurs in middle and young people, children are rare, men generally more than women. Due to the different pathogens, the patient's health status and physical differences, their clinical manifestations are also different. There are four common types.

1. Khan blister type

Initial episode of the majority of scattered small blisters, rupture, the formation of ring-shaped scales, but also the formation of multi-ring scales, can gradually spread into pieces, the skin gradually thickening, conscious itching.

2. Inter-toe type

Occur in the first 3,4 or 4,5 toe, the performance of a small amount of scales, itching consciously. Patients at this time are often unconsciously caught, because it may contain bacteria, it is easy to cause bacterial infection.

Scaly keratosis

The performance of the foot, heel and foot margins have limitations Not shaped red scale scaly patches, surface keratosis obvious, rough and dry, the state clear or unclear. Severe winter symptoms, easy to cause chapped. In summer there may be a small number of pimples or small blisters. Chronic disease, the skin can be thick for a long time, nails easily tired, this type caused by Trichophyton rubrum, the disease is stubborn and difficult to cure.

4. Moist erosion type

This type of secondary to inter-or type of sweat blister type, mostly by excessive scratching, often secondary to bacterial infection, local inflammatory obvious, immersion erosion, obvious exudation, consciously itch pain, more common in summer.

The above is how to do itchy feet, children's times if not timely treatment is mainly caused by beriberi colleagues do not know that there is a very good effect. In life, we must pay attention to good diet and health care, eat more vitamins rich and abundant food and more intake of some fresh fruits and vegetables, he will trigger other types of diseases, so in daily life must be timely examination and treatment.

Eat less sweating and some suspicious foods taboo spicy and tobacco alcohol, so life must pay attention to prevention and care attention to local hygiene often cleaning, mainly some and fungal infections caused by some of the findings in life Out of the disease must be promptly treated.

Feet itch is how the matter

The soles of the feet are often itchy, probably due to a greater amount of exercise, the sweat glands of the feet are exuberant, and the breathability of the footwear is not good, resulting in bacterial, fungal or fungal infections that cause beriberi.

Pay attention to hygiene, keep your feet clean, if excessive sweating, it is recommended to wash several times a day, and frequently change socks to keep your feet dry.

In addition to physical education or hiking activities, usually try not to wear sports shoes, sneakers and other impermeable shoes, so as not to breathe badly caused by too much sweat is not easy to volatilize, increase the symptoms of toenail itch.

How to deal with foot and back pain? How to maintain the foot?

Le 16 octobre 2017, 05:15 dans Humeurs 0

Different performance

But there are different manifestations

1. You are not regular exercise, exercise pain, this is because the muscles did not exercise for a long time, a slight contraction.

This is normal, I suggest you reduce the amount of the body to adapt to just fine.

2. When you exercise regularly, there will be a feeling of pain after running, to exclude other causes of pain, then it should rest for a period of time, followed by exercise.

It is recommended to do a small routine examination of the body because of pain or neuralgia and bone hyperplasia and so on.

3 do not rule out the feeling of fatigue. Also do not rule out the possibility of peripheral neuritis. I suggest you eat vitamin B1 tablets and Shujinhuoxue tablets for conditioning.

The cause of left foot and back pain can be divided into two types of congenital factors and acquired factors. Congenital factors are due to joints, nerves, muscles caused by.

Such as flat feet, hereditary and lower gluten power and imbalance, etc., so that the feet can be reduced, resulting in instability and left foot pain. Acquired factors are caused by wearing shoes that do not fit, usually because of wearing shoes too high, too sharp and too narrow shoes, the heel is not easy to be fixed, resulting in toe and toe squeeze friction and oppression, not only affects the toe activity and Activities, but also cause discomfort and pain in the instep, but also undermines the function of the original three footholds, walking body weight falls on the front of the foot, toes will be gradually deformed due to body weight oppression, compression of the instep will cause left foot and back pain The phenomenon. For example: the prevalence of high heels, witch shoes and so are to speed up the pain.

Considered to be lumbar disc herniation and other causes of lower extremity nerve ischial oppression occurred, may also be associated with peripheral neuritis is often caused by neuropathy. In addition there is a case of poor blood flow affected. There is a case of lumbar disease caused by the situation. The general situation can be used about Chinese medicine, neurotrophic drugs, physiotherapy, acupuncture and other treatment methods or with topical drugs for treatment.

Thus, the foot and our various organs are linked, if the foot pain must go to the cause of medical lighting may be your body organs other problems, be sure to promptly treated, usually when the shoes must be worn choice Comfortable, but also be sure to pay attention to walking posture, this will reduce the fall of the instep.

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Patient diet considerations

Avoid high purine foods, such as mushrooms, spinach, shrimp and crab seafood, while yeast, shellfish seafood, animal offal, brain, gravy broth, heart, intestine, bean sprouts, bone soup and other foods also contain purine rich ingredients. But also eat more alkaline foods, as far as possible to eat less acidic foods, gout patients in the temptation of food to be controlled, eat nothing but pain, but it will lead to long-term physical problems.


The treatment of instep pain is very important, but can not ignore the daily care, in the event of foot pain, should pay attention to rest, to avoid excessive activity, but also pay attention to the choice of shoes, to the disease is too small and inappropriate shoes, and more Pay attention to the protection of the feet. Shanghai first choice.

How to maintain the foot

Most of our daily life, we pay attention to the maintenance of the face, however, the maintenance of the

Angkor temples lure Chinese visitors

Le 13 septembre 2017, 05:39 dans Humeurs 0

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Cambodia is a small country with a long history, and it now has become more appealing to Chinese travelers. The country with its world-famous cultural relics draws Chinese traveling in Southeast Asia.


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For first-timers, the ruins of the Angkor temples are very important - sometimes they are only reason - to visit the country, and Siem Reap, the gateway to Angkor in northern Cambodia, is often the first stage of their journeys.


The temples, built over the 9-14th centuries, and rediscovered by the French, are visually, architecturally and artistically breathtaking.


As the temple ruins, hidden and spread in the forests and farmland, take up an area too large to be covered in a short time, planning a visit to the Angkor temples always involves making choices, especially if the trip is short Турпакеты.

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