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They made the long voyage

Le 4 septembre 2018, 14:20 dans Humeurs 0

homewards through the Mediterranean, touching at Gibraltar for a last, faint glimpse of romance. It was a placid journey in a slow steamer, with a small company of dull, middle-aged Americans, and the two young people were left much to themselves. In the isolation of the sunny, windless sea, their acquaintance took on imperceptibly a personal character. After the fashion of the egotistic male, he told her, bit by bit, all that he knew about himself,—his college days, his friends, and his work at the Beaux Arts. From the past,—his past,—they slid to the future that lay before him on the other shore of the Atlantic. He sketched for her in colored words the ideals of his majestic art. Tucked up on deck those long, cloudless nights, they reached the higher themes,—what a man could do, as Richardson and Atwood had shown the glorious way, toward expressing the character and spirit of a fresh race in brick and stone and steel! Such thoughts as these touched the girl's imagination, just as the sweet fragments of a civilization finer than ours had stirred her heart in Italy. All these ideas which the young man poured forth, she took to be the architect's original possessions, not being familiar with the froth of Paris studios, the wisdom of long déjeuners. And she was doubly eager whenever he mentioned his plans for the future. For something earnest and large was the first craving of her soul, something that had in it service and beauty in life. At the time of the great exposition in Chicago she had had such matters first brought to her attention. Powers Jackson, as one of the directors of the enterprise, had entertained many of the artists and distinguished men who came to the city, and at his dinner-table she had heard men talk whose vital ideals were being worked into the beautiful buildings beside the lake. Their words she had hoarded in her schoolgirl's memory, and now in her sympathy for the young architect she began to see what could be done with an awakened feeling for art, for social life, to make our strong young cities memorable. This, she imagined shyly, would be the work of the man beside her!

Emergency plan for InterContinental Hotel outdoor swimming pool safety accident

Le 10 août 2018, 11:06 dans Humeurs 0

In order to improve the safety production of outdoor swimming pools of intercontinental hotels, effectively prevent, control and eliminate unexpected safety accidents and their hazards, guide and standardize the Booking hotel hk and accomodations have never been easy. Online booking available at hotel, with the best rates guaranteed. Suitable for families and business travelers at all budgets. Make your reservation now!emergency handling of various types of emergencies, minimize the harm caused by unexpected events to the health of tourists, and ensure the physical and mental health and safety of tourists, the following are formulated: Contingency plan.

I. organization and leadership

Group leader:

Deputy leader:


Two. Scope of trial

This plan is intended to be used in accidents that occur suddenly, causing or possibly causing general and serious damage to the physical and mental health of tourists. Three. Grading standard

According to the nature, degree of harm and scope of public health emergencies, public health emergencies can be divided into four levels: special major (I), major (II), large (III) and general (IV).

Four. Hazard identification

Identify the behavior, personnel, material, equipment and facilities that may cause unexpected safety incidents in and around the swimming pool, her2 breast cancerlist the dangerous sources, and formulate preventive measures accordingly. The responsibility is fulfilled to the people.

Hazard source

preventive measure

person liable


Swimming pool drowning personnel

Strengthen monitoring and preventive measures


proprietor's property

Strengthen monitoring and personnel inspection

Safety Officer

Logitech releases iPhone wireless charging rack: cooperation with apple

Le 29 mai 2018, 05:40 dans Humeurs 0

Logitech today unveiled a new wireless charging bracket for the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X.

According to Logitech, the "POWERED" wireless charging bracket was designed in collaboration with Apple. The bracket can be placed on a desktop or bedside table, and the iPhone can be placed vertically - Logitech says it's perfect for Face ID recognition and reading notifications.

The other side will not only start discussing business proposals but also solutions that will help in enhancing business deals. Additional promotional gifts help in getting the much-required heads start.

The difference between POWERED and most other charging seats on the market is that, first, your device can be charged without being fully aligned with the bracket, so you can "randomly" put the iPhone on the bracket and walk away. Second, POWERED also supports horizontal placement, so you can watch videos on a smartphone screen while charging. In addition, the support is equipped with a thickness of 3mm protection cover for iPhone.

Logitech says POWERED can charge up to 7.5W for the iPhone 8, 8Plus and iPhone X, and 5W for all other Qi-enabled devices. This product will be on Logitech's official website and apple online store this month at a price of $69.99.

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Maybe it's a good replacement for Apple's own AirPower charger before it's available


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