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The real Yu Gong chisels water channels across cliffs

Le 20 avril 2017, 05:51 dans Humeurs 0

The real Yu Gong chisels water channels across cliffs


By Erik Nilsson | | Updated: 2017-04-19 15:33






The villagers he led only had hand tools-and explosives. He's the stuff of legend-but real. Huang Dafa is arguably an actual, modern incarnation of the ancient myth of Yu Gong.




The saying yu gong yi shan-or "the old man moves mountains"-is a parable of persistence that seems foolhardy in the face of unimaginable odds.




Fable says two peaks separated Yu Gong's home from the village.




So, he decided to dig them away.




Another elderly man mocked him. Yu Gong responded that while his descendants could dig for generations, the mountains wouldn't grow any higher.




The gods were so moved by his determination that they moved the mountains for him.




Huang enjoyed no such divine intervention.




He had to rely on pure will.

Ghost in the chimney

Le 7 avril 2017, 05:32 dans Humeurs 0

This winter, AKI's bad mood, because he has lost his job and had no money, moved out of the apartment, in the combination of urban and rural places to rent a house with heating. Every day, in order to keep warm, he always wants to pick up some boards or branches in the garbage or the woods. One day, he picked up a black handbag in the woods serviced apartment hong kong. There was a work card in it. Cold days, the woman looks good, that is, there is a kind of eye to penetrate the hearts of the light. So he took the black bag back to the rental house. He'll be back.

During the day, to Agui talent market around to see if there is no proper job, then, he is in the food or silk market, furniture market around, I can meet the good boss, for his handling of live.

At night, Agui know a clean hotel administrator sister sister, let him put the finishing out of the garbage classification to the garbage room. Moreover, the hotel will have some leftovers, which is not allowed to take home, can go back to sleep after dinner B.

Agui love rode his bicycle jingle car back, the day back, he felt very heavy riding. Touch your head, no sign of a fever. He felt that he might not be very hygienic. So, he gave up the bike, slowly pushed away. When did it feel like this? Remember the Agui dizzy feeling when he was in the hotel 2 floor stairs, then, into the staircase, just to see a strange woman came out from the Room 201, the room in front of the stairs, a woman hurried across the corridor disappeared back. It is certain that this person will not be a staff member, because she is not wearing a formal dress. Agui not clear how she has 201 keys QV baby.

On winter nights, people walk and freeze. Agui feel hands and feet have been listening at home, but there is still a distance, stick to it, you can go back to warm. Walking on the road, pedestrians rarely. And a dog, Agui pass, have to hurry home in a hurry on. Aki's 20 meters ahead, a tall, thin woman was walking in the road teeth above, rickety, seems to fall down. So Jack pushed the car away, the skinny woman in front of me. Under the street light, the shadow of the woman seems to be at her feet, the ghost is no shadow. But the shadow of the woman seemed to be at her feet. AKI is a materialist, he thought the ghost only in the heart, the heart in ghosts, ghosts will come naturally.

I get home, Jack stopped his bike. The iron railing locked in under the stairs, the stairs feel justified Agui light darker than usual. Winter may have low voltage, so Jack thought, finally came to his room. Open the door, a cold air. Agui turn on the lights and found the window open. He muttered, don't walk in the morning, I did Hongkong prepaid sim .

Shut the window, used to open his old Agui walkman. Because there is no money, so even the TV province. Anyway, it's midnight. Watching TV is not equal to the time, he remembered that in addition to advertising is about TV, without a little bit of good impression.

Tai chi pitched for UNESCO list

Le 29 mars 2017, 05:30 dans Humeurs 0

For residents of Chenjiagou village, the birthplace of tai chi, a more than 10-year wait to see the martial art recognized globally as intangible Chinese heritage could soon be over.


China has nominated tai chi for inclusion in the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage, with a final decision to come late this year.


The application, made by Wenxian county in Henan province, has been in the making since 2006, when the country drew up its first national intangible heritage list and included tai chi, said Zheng Aizhen, chairman of the Wenxian committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, the country's top policy advisory body.


"For the past decade, we have collected materials, gathered a lot of masters and experts together to discuss tai chi culture and tried to restore the centuries-old history of tai chi," Zheng said. "As a precious traditional Chinese legacy, we all have a responsibility to protect it."


China attempted to get UNESCO status for the martial art in 2008, but the application-one of 35 from China that year-was withdrawn after an evaluation deemed it "too vague", according to a Wall Street Journal report warrant calculator.


The next year, the rules were changed to limit nations to only two nominations, which for China were Peking Opera and acupuncture. Both went onto make the list.


The latest attempt to include tai chi comes amid speculation that South Korea and Japan could make similar nominations.


Zhang Liyong, a deputy to the National People's Congress, the country's top legislature, and president of the Henan High People's Court, said that the situation is urgent: "Both South Korea and Japan were trying to get tai chi registered. South Korea has already registered the Dragon Boat Festival as theirs, so we should be alarmed Filing Cabinet."


He was referring to the decision by UNESCO to grant intangible heritage status to the Gangneung Danoje Festival in 2008, which caused anger among some Chinese, who argued that the event is derived from the Dragon Boat Festival and accused the United Nations of endorsing South Korea's appropriation of Chinese culture. UNESCO added the Chinese festival to the list in 2009.


Chen Xiaowang, a tai chi master, said claims that tai chi was invented in Korea are based on a fictional character from a kung fu novel by Hong Kong writer Louis Cha. He said the martial art's history can be traced to creator Chen Wangting in the mid-17th century.


"If we fail again in our application, or if it is registered by South Korea, it will be a great pity," Chen said almo nature.


Zhu Xianghua, 40, the son of tai chi master Zhu Tiancai, said he feels a growing duty to protect tai chi culture. "It is not just a traditional activity; it is deeply rooted in many areas of Chinese culture, such as medicine, aesthetics and mechanics," Zhu said.

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