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9 Directional Training in Public Higher Vocational Colleges

Le 29 mai 2018, 05:40 dans Humeurs 0

  I. Training schools: Changsha Health Vocational College, Hunan Environmental Biology Vocational Technical College, Hunan Traditional Chinese Medicine College, Xiangtan Medical and Health Vocational College, Yueyang Vocational and Technical College, Changde Vocational and Technical College, Yiyang Medical College, Yongzhou Vocational Technology College, Loudi Vocational and Technical College and other provinces are public full-time higher vocational colleges.

  Second, the professional name: clinical medicine, nursing, preventive medicine, medical testing technology, rehabilitation and treatment techniques, acupuncture and massage, Chinese medicine and so on.

  Third, the school system: 3 years.

  Fourth, education level: college.

  Fifth, learning methods: full-time.

  Training plans and methods: 3 consecutive sessions, planning a total of 3,000 training

  There are a total of 3,000 local talents planned for basic medical and health institutions in poverty-stricken areas, which will be held in three consecutive sessions from 2018 to 2020. Each session plans to train 1,000 students.

  The students in the primary health care institutions in the poverty-stricken primary schools of various schools are organized and studied independently, and are included in the management of the affiliated hospital system; the assistant general practitioners who continue their clinical medicine and Chinese medical majors for 2 years after graduating in accordance with the relevant national policies , Chinese medicine assistant general practitioner training (ie "3 + 2" medical personnel training mode).

  Admission methods: preferential admission for families in poverty households

  The Provincial Department of Education and the Provincial Educational Examination Institute adopt the entrusted orientation to develop recruitment methods in accordance with the relevant admission policies of Hunan's colleges and universities to make admissions. The accepted candidates must sign orientation training with county-level health and family planning and human resources and social security departments. Agreements, training schools to implement the admissions process based on candidates' voluntary and training agreements. Under the same conditions, the candidates with poor families who set up files and cards will be given priority in admission.

  Student Status and Certificates: Postgraduate diplomas


  First, student registration. The training objects of the general college entrance examination and the signing of the training agreement shall arrive at the school at the specified time and be reported to the school. The school shall follow the management regulations for student status to complete the student registration procedures.

  Second, the certificate is issued. Students who have obtained a student status shall complete the prescribed instructional plan within the school's prescribed number of years of study. After passing the required grades and achieving the requirements for school graduation, they shall be issued a national-recognized full-time college diploma.

  Policy guarantee: free tuition and accommodation fees for cultivating students, postgraduate posts

  First, the training object exempt from tuition fees and accommodation fees, and enjoy a certain living subsidy, the provincial finance department is responsible for coordinating the arrangements for training funds.

  2. After graduation, the provincial and municipal human resources and social security and health and family planning administrative departments urge the county-level human resources and social security and health and family planning departments to adopt direct assessment methods within the scope of preparation approved by the county-level compilation department for recruitment. Arrangements shall be made for the work of grass-roots medical and health institutions (mainly township health centers) to ensure that there are posts and posts and wages, benefits, and social security benefits. Students who participate in the training of assistant general practitioners and Chinese medicine assistant general practitioners through the “3+2” model enjoy the relevant policy treatment for the training of assistant general practitioners and general practitioners of Chinese medicine assistants during training.

Two ways to check grades

Le 18 décembre 2017, 05:35 dans Humeurs 0

  Method One: Zhejiang Examination Website

  Candidates can log on the website of the Zhejiang Provincial Education Examination Institute, click to enter the relevant system, check their score with their ID number and ID number, and download the corresponding performance report Proton beam radiotherapy.

  Method 2: Zhejiang Exam Wechat

  WeChat users can enter the menu of “Recruitment Check” of the Zhejiang Examination Public Number, click “2018.4 Test Exam Selection,” and check their scores with their ID number and ID number.

  In addition, the results of the 2018 professional skills theory test are also released simultaneously. Candidates can check the ID number and registration code in the above manner.

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  Synchronous personalized diagnosis report

  In addition to providing performance information, our province continues to launch personalized performance report. The content includes four aspects: the test score, the mastery of subject knowledge, the ability of the subject, and the achievement of the assessment goal. Specific to a test question, a subject knowledge point, the ability of a subject, and "understand", "master", " Comprehensive assessment goals, such as the use of high-to-low five levels reflect the individual's relative level in all students. Among them, the third grade is the average level, corresponding to students with a mastery rate of 10% above and below the average of all students; this level is divided equally between the second and the second level according to the number of people, and the following are divided into the second and the second level.

  Through this information, candidates can understand what they have or have not yet mastered in this exam, and teachers and students can improve the teaching in the future in combination with practical and targeted measures.

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How do you eat the perfect complexion?

Le 7 novembre 2017, 04:44 dans Humeurs 0



It can benefit the kidney qi, the spleen and stomach, the diarrhea, the phlegm saliva


Yam can fill, to cool and general debility town mind, soul, security, lack of Buxinqi heart holes, Kaida notes




What does it mean?


It means eating it can make the kidney












Everyone knows how important the kidneys are for people


And for women


Kidney deficiency will love sweating


Excess oil secretion


Easily tired and fear of cold chills


The cause of the problem is that


Black eye




Rest is not good for blain on the forehead clinique fresh pressed


Hair root oil


... and so on.


A derivative of all kinds of problems




And yam is just a lot of our diet


A taste that can help us to recuperate


You might as well try it


What does it bring?


It's a beauty with no side effects.








Aco is usually steamed.


A sweet and sweet yam


Cook the honey and pour it on the honey


It's delicious.


Of course


You can take different ways of eating




Reiterate, the days after that


What I introduce will be good eating and reasonable skin care habits


You must take your skin seriously.


Don't stay up late and eat greasy food and tell ACO how it doesn't work clinique vitamin c.






At the end of the day


Recommend a mask




[snow perfect micro spring moisturizing mask]


The effect of water supplement is remarkable


Suitable for the coming summer


For dry skin and sensitive skin, it can be used


The feature is a lot of essence


A very cost-effective one


The same supplement can take care of the foot care of your neck hand


As many uses




Your mask can be taken in 20 minutes and you can take it down


The rest of the water can be applied to the hands of the neck.


It's also very useful clinique fresh pressed. ~

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