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Never Give Up

Le 23 novembre 2016, 04:34 dans Humeurs 0

Here are some reasons to never give up:


You’re Almost There

Have you ever heard the phrase “past the point of no return”? It means that you’ve come so far, it’s easier to continue than to turn back. The phrase is used much more sparingly than it should be. Every moment of your life is past the point of no return. You’re not going to eventually end up back in the womb. All you can do is move forward in life, and the reason why is because wherever you’re at or whatever you do, you can’t turn back time.


I spent nearly two years on the brink of success; it felt like chasing a carrot on a stick. Every short-term goal I accomplished seemed to place two more steps between my current position and my long-term goals. It was as though there was a giant hand reaching out of the sky, picking me up, and placing me backwards every time I tried to move forward with my life. In the face of these overwhelming odds, I kept repeating to myself, “Don’t stop. You’re almost there.”


Before I even understood it happened, I was suddenly an overnight success. The thing is–I didn’t know how to sit back and enjoy it. I continued working as though I was almost there. The idea was embedded in my psyche, and my work ethic was forever altered. Instead of resting on my laurels, I continue working as though I’m almost there to this day. As long as I keep that thought in my head, I continue working. The instant I decide I’ve either already made it or I never will, I’ll stop working, and my journey as a writer will end. Success is like adulthood–you think you’ll wake up one day feeling a complete transformation, but instead you look back and realize the evolution happened right under your nose.

The Look of Grief

Le 10 novembre 2016, 05:11 dans Humeurs 0

Never, since man has walked upright, have people all over the globe had more educational advantages or more opportunities to practice advanced social and interpersonal skills. And yet, for the most part, we still have not learned to look past the obvious, to see beyond the exterior shell of our fellow man, and to discover the worth of the real travel industry research person.


We seem consumed by the superficial. We worry incessantly (to the tune of billions of dollars every year in "cures" and "helps") about being too fat, too thin, too tall, too short, too old, too young.


Men are worried about their hairlines or their baldness, or they dwell on the size of their shoulders. They build their biceps, often at the expense of their brains. Consider athletes who are so determined to win that they will sacrifice their Day Trip to Macau futures for anabolic steroids. That's buying the "dream" but paying for it with a life.


Women wear bigger shoulder pads to offset the width of their hips, and they're nervous about their bra sizes. They'll sacrifice on groceries to have acrylic fingernails or a tan in the dead of winter. And everyone is fussing about their hair. It's too long, too short, too curly, too straight, too dark, too light, too fine, too coarse. So, by the millions, we're having everything changed to something it isn't.


Plastic surgeons, the executives of some the best beauty centre big cosmetic companies, and owners of spas and gyms are living opulently in mansions and on yachts, and it's all being paid for by our national craziness about what we look like.

A Glass of Milk

Le 15 juin 2016, 06:17 dans Humeurs 0


Today is the first day of te new term. I got up early and checked my wintcr vacation homework before going to sclool.

While I was busy clearing up the books, Father came in with a glass of milk in his hand, "Drink it up, boy ."Father said to me gently.

I was in such a hurry that Ipaid no attention whether the milk was hot or not. I drank a mouthful and cried with the sound of the broken glass. "What’s the matter.?" Father asked anxiously. "You didn’t tell me the milk was so hot. I got a blister through being scalded." "Oh, it’s my fault. Are you Ok?" Father turned to the kitchen after he was certain there was nothing serious with me, "There is some more in the kitchen. I’ll bring it for you. Wait for me. I’II be back soon."

I was so angry with Father that I said"No. I won’t be scalded again." Then I put all I wanted into my bag and wanted to go to school without breakfast. But I was astonished at what I saw when I turned around. Father was cooling the milk by pouring it from one glass to the other again and again. "Don’t worry. It’ll be Ok soon. It’s bad for your health without breakfast. "Father said with a smile of apology. Tears came into my eyes. How rude I was just now! How regretful I was! I took the glass from my father’s hand and drank it up without a stop.

What a good father I have!

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