Jiangxi Fuzhou Shi Gong Hui Tibetan Buddhist temple monk, before becoming a monk living by hunting, after the teacher understanding of Zen Matsu worship. The abbot of Zen School, where people learn to see, he set up a bow and arrow, aimed at learning, in order to show machine. For decades, few people have been able to understand the meaning nuskin hk.

This day, Fujian monk Yi Zhong hospital to pay homage, before he laid seats for a gift, wisdom hiding up the bow from repeat the stock tricks, seat edge, arrows, alignment of Yi Zhong shouted:

See arrow!"

Yi Zhong immediately lay down their hands at the bowl bag, mind, in front of the arrows, and asked jackson:

"This is only the arrow of death, what about the living arrow?"

Jackson took the arrow on the bowstring, playing three hair transplant hong kong.

Yi Zhong open seat cloth immediately, thanks to Jackson salute.

Hui Tibet Jackson said: "I have thirty years of bow frame of arrows, shot today just half a saint."

Then the arrows are broken ielts test.