It is the palace xiunv once a year of elections, Dali Lin Temple Lin Feng of Lang, this year is the selection of the column.

Lin Lang looked at his father looked at his smiling, a sinister foreboding mind.

Sure enough, his father stroked his beard and said: "Lang son! Liangwang in peach blossom, do you want to see? Just go to choose a show."

A crow flew overhead, Lin Lang Speechless looked at Lin Feng: "Dad, do you think in the palace of the draft is to participate in the garden?" She resolutely refused, "I don't want to go to the palace."

Lin Feng hands rubbed, embarrassed to say: "my daughter, as a matter of fact, the father has a note in the jade Fang, buy a lose ten, bet you will choose, bet the house is our family."

Lin Lang a pair of wonderful eyes stared round Diliu, exclaimed: "dad! Are you crazy? Am I your own?"

"Tai!" His father sighed: "you this child, what to say, dad is to you as his own daughter, and I believe you and dad as smart, there must be a way to stand out, the election into the palace."

Lin Lang helpless on the forehead: "Dad, have something to say, when lying to eat will be steamed choked to death."

Originally, Lin Feng as Dali temple, when check a case, secretly recruit a number of King killer assassins inadvertently discovered there seems to be the heart of aspiring conspiratory.

The palace also has king Wang inserted line, some time ago the emperor had a long beam, a serious illness, seems to get away with king.

But because of this tight bite Lin Feng Lin, a few days ago also by the kidnappers threatened, Lin Lang is in the dark and stormy night, was abducted from the forest house. Fortunately, the way of kidnapping was saved by a arena Paladin, it did not lead to disaster.

Before entering the palace, Lin Feng Lin Lang attached to the ear and quietly said: "dad know you never forget, the gratitude to you who you trust, father has clearly found out his whereabouts. As long as you help dad find out in internal, dad will tell you the righteous."

Finish saying still mysterious ground to wink to smile to her, Lin Lang is looking at his father that for old don't respect of face, feel to have a kind of feeling of being blackmailed.