When Jiang Xiaojiang came out of the Civil Affairs Bureau, it was raining outside.

The patter of rain was endless, hit the roadside trees are the first DA brain fade. At the end of an umbrella to Jiang Xiaojiang just to take at the door convenience box, do not want to be the first to seize the xiecili out of hand. Jiang Xiaojiang took an empty, a look back, see Gu Ming was personal secretary toward her smile, said: "Miss Jiang, sorry."

"The two of you came here with me, you want to grab an umbrella with me?!"

Jiang Xiaojiang glared at him. He shrugged and said, "the president's orders."

"He wants you to do that. He wants you to go to square dance!"

"If the president orders." The Secretary smiled. "That's called professionalism."

Two people are saying, from the Civil Affairs Bureau in and out of that person, passing them blankly said: "the people of no great importance and so much, not enough to work?"

The Secretary heard, hurriedly to the umbrella with the obedient Gu Ming was behind. All the old and recent grudges in my mind, Xiaojiang River stride forward and stopped Gu Mingsheng, a tunnel: "you say who is of no great importance?!"

Gu Mingsheng kept on walking past her smoothly. Jiang Xiaojiang opened his arm a little embarrassed, just to anger, Secretary timely turned to her wink: "a throng of reporters and fifty seconds to reach the battlefield."

This is a death warrant, Jiang Xiaojiang immediately put on a convergence of a sacred virgin expression, the reporter saw she gathered and asked their divorce details of all sorts of gossip.

Lady Jiang Xiaojiang was born, now the status has been stable, then positioning for the elegant fairy sister. She heard a laugh, with three points and a hint of sadness, and said: "it is the fate already do, he is very good, but not for me."

"Miss Jiang, can you tell me more details?"

She just wanted to discredit Gu Mingsheng reporters adding the trimmings, but suddenly like a shark smells blood, let her, behind her to surround the past --

It is Gu ming!

Jiang Xiaojiang really think, not to do business and Gu Ming was acting is really Qucai. Just put a "stepmother" face, at the moment but solemn face pale, his lips faded red, three red fundus, as if through the long night, he shot in the face reporters, but deeply looked at her, was speechless thousands and thousands of words.

In a word, is a whiny face.

Jiang Xiaojiang was so angry that he couldn't say a word, just look at the Secretary to ward off the reporters, "said No comment". By her side, Gu Ming was suddenly stopped and stretched out his hand, gently picked her temples with a small flower dermes vs medilase.

"Ginger," he said, "take care of yourself back."

The ham, it is expert Gu Ming was, the Oscar prize is awarded to him, he was sorry. Second days of entertainment headlines, is written "actress heartless, abandoned longtime lover, is feeling weak, or otherwise hidden".

With that piece of resentment is Gu Ming face. He looks good, delicate features, has a good figure, ABS eight, also let Jiang Xiaojiang sit do push ups on his back in the past, they fall in love, just put a few picture on the Internet, he will have a support group, a group of small Lolita coyly said: "Obama, etc. We grow up, marry you."

Then Jiang Xiaojiang said with a sneer, he will certainly commit bigamy, he smiled and put her down on the bed, gnawing at her neck in a leisurely manner. She begged for a long time, he ticklish, was released, Mianbugaise said: "you come over" apology "."

Love of men and women, capable of apology? Jiang Xiaojiang was he got backache, he was at home with her not to go to work, came to her, in the circle on the back of the Beauty causes danger. reputation dermes vs medilase.

Not to mention now, she dared to abandon the old man, offered to divorce.

Just talk about the mainstream media, the tabloids began to scold her wanton. She put the newspaper sent by the broker into a group, think of throwing into the toilet. The broker on the side, cautiously suggested: "otherwise, you and Gu Zong admit you were wrong, go on like this, you will be utterly discredited."

Is this my fault?!" Jiang Xiaojiang was going crazy, "I know he is a Bitch, did not think so cheap! Let me talk to him to apologize, unless I can come back down the newspaper!"

Carter, the toilet "grunt" twice, just down the newspaper slowly surfaced.

The agent said: "your toilet seems to be blocked dermes vs medilase."

Jiang Xiaojiang:"......"