This winter, AKI's bad mood, because he has lost his job and had no money, moved out of the apartment, in the combination of urban and rural places to rent a house with heating. Every day, in order to keep warm, he always wants to pick up some boards or branches in the garbage or the woods. One day, he picked up a black handbag in the woods serviced apartment hong kong. There was a work card in it. Cold days, the woman looks good, that is, there is a kind of eye to penetrate the hearts of the light. So he took the black bag back to the rental house. He'll be back.

During the day, to Agui talent market around to see if there is no proper job, then, he is in the food or silk market, furniture market around, I can meet the good boss, for his handling of live.

At night, Agui know a clean hotel administrator sister sister, let him put the finishing out of the garbage classification to the garbage room. Moreover, the hotel will have some leftovers, which is not allowed to take home, can go back to sleep after dinner B.

Agui love rode his bicycle jingle car back, the day back, he felt very heavy riding. Touch your head, no sign of a fever. He felt that he might not be very hygienic. So, he gave up the bike, slowly pushed away. When did it feel like this? Remember the Agui dizzy feeling when he was in the hotel 2 floor stairs, then, into the staircase, just to see a strange woman came out from the Room 201, the room in front of the stairs, a woman hurried across the corridor disappeared back. It is certain that this person will not be a staff member, because she is not wearing a formal dress. Agui not clear how she has 201 keys QV baby.

On winter nights, people walk and freeze. Agui feel hands and feet have been listening at home, but there is still a distance, stick to it, you can go back to warm. Walking on the road, pedestrians rarely. And a dog, Agui pass, have to hurry home in a hurry on. Aki's 20 meters ahead, a tall, thin woman was walking in the road teeth above, rickety, seems to fall down. So Jack pushed the car away, the skinny woman in front of me. Under the street light, the shadow of the woman seems to be at her feet, the ghost is no shadow. But the shadow of the woman seemed to be at her feet. AKI is a materialist, he thought the ghost only in the heart, the heart in ghosts, ghosts will come naturally.

I get home, Jack stopped his bike. The iron railing locked in under the stairs, the stairs feel justified Agui light darker than usual. Winter may have low voltage, so Jack thought, finally came to his room. Open the door, a cold air. Agui turn on the lights and found the window open. He muttered, don't walk in the morning, I did Neo skin lab.

Shut the window, used to open his old Agui walkman. Because there is no money, so even the TV province. Anyway, it's midnight. Watching TV is not equal to the time, he remembered that in addition to advertising is about TV, without a little bit of good impression.