Life is alive, can not do without desire, like the sea can not but high tide, this is a natural law. If people do not desire, will not be interested in anything, will be the lack of enthusiasm, lack of input, the lack of pursuit, it will be how pale picture of life. The crux of the problem lies in how people grasp their own desire scale. High tide is also when the ebb, let the desire flooded, is the right move Social Sciences programme.


The pursuit of wealth, possession of money, this is understandable. So, to what extent the rich to be rich, how much money is enough? This is probably not a fixed uniform standards. Calm life will have to grasp the desire of the "horizontal" and "vertical" two lines.


The so-called "horizontal" line is based on their richness as a starting point to draw a horizontal line, you can see above and below the horizontal line are a lot of people. Their own than the lack of more than the next, is already a better position. Because life is the sea, waves are purely low natural, as people's richness can never be the same in a horizontal line. The so-called "vertical" line is based on the low point of their former life as a starting point to draw a rising line, with the rise of this line can be very clear that their living standards gradually increased, should be pleased, fulfilled and satisfied.


However, many people in life do not want to do so. They never look back, not and their own than before, but blindly and others climb. As a result, the desire of the tide is not only rise, and a wave after wave. For their own wealth and pleasure, unscrupulous treatment of life, treat others, so that the tide of desire washed open the dam of reason, harm the society, damage others, but also harm themselves QV Baby cream.


In fact, the world has its own laws of all things, as Chunhua Qiushi can not be violated. The wise man is full of nature, let the tide of desire rise and fall, never offside; ignorant people rich with a strong wild, always want to let the tide of desire is not only rise, never awake. Both mentality of the people in the tree of life to pick fruit, there are degrees who may taste more successful sweet, offside who will taste some difficult to swallow bitter.


Ancient and modern, has been the case.


Desire is appropriate for the benefit, excessive desire is harmful. Life in the world, should not let the tide of desire washed open the dam of reason, the only way to take detours, less flow of remorse tears. Refreshing tranquil, laughter on life, but also a high degree of happiness