crosses the repetition to duplicate daily, bored bored day, whether inthe heart has melancholy when the mood is perhaps low, any matter canfeel does not have the interest, can in suddenly between degenerate tothe dark deep place... ... 
     again looked today the sky, detected is such is beautiful, has neverhad beauty. then blue, blue much, likes the sapphire to be same, seesthrough a person's innermost feelings world as if; many white cloudsalso make the set-off for the blue sky, perhaps you forever thoughtthe white clouds forever only are set off, forever does not have theblue sky spaciously, to be beautiful Phonics. but you mistakenly, did not havenot the impossible matter, in the world to fill the miracle, ibelieved. some who haven't undergone the setback, some people's livesvery are perhaps light, do not have the twists and turns, but thiscertainly is not the splendid life. we pursue are multi-colored, fillsthe challenge, covers entirely the rough life. does not want to feelin an instant loses, does not want because does not have the matterwhich may do but to be melancholy seed funding. www•
perhaps you now the life is such is lonely, the person is fearslonely. because a person is in a daze in the quoin, is sobbing, butalso wants to be remarkable, hoped some who do stretch out the warmhand to moisten your heart. but sometimes the person is false, only iswants to look for an excuse to be sad, is melancholy, perhaps only iswants to obtain friend's care and the encouragement. why but has timeand time again to say melancholy, is false or helpless? is the essenceor is sorrowful? is needs to understand or blames me being bored? likethis, do not disguise joyfully already very to be laborious, wasmelancholy in you, the time actually unconsciously was walking... ...  www•
     perhaps you again sighed life time, again turns head the day which hasa look, you the white hair uneven eyebrow, have already waited for youto be again melancholy, at that time was you true melancholy time. youonly can time and time again again complain life so bored, the time soheartless, joyful is so difficult. is god wants to let you undergothis setback, this lets you thoroughly disappointed, lets setbackwhich you regretted, or you originally are a custom are melancholy,complain the bored person, or you radically are evading. the flightfrom reality, evades joyfully, waits for you to think again is joyful,then you can true be joyful? earnestly said, treasures well presentthe time, again melancholy left again melancholy, when was melancholy,gained ground looks the beautiful blue sky. the blue sky continuouslyis looking you, anticipated you look up to its that moment,anticipated you sighed life happy that moment, anticipated youtreasure instantaneous beautiful that moment. possibly this is amatter which cannot be realized, but after all you beautiful, youjoyful, you happy, you have been happy. waits when you attempts againjoyfully, this true is joyful possibly is last. because you said10,000 time of melancholy, you are melancholy, only can be in a daze,is wasting the time. the time old person sighs you not to treasure thetime. when waits for you joyfully again, you only then can understandoneself 10,000 melancholy are meanless, only is the mood gives vent.but merely joyful actually is so rare, is so precious. is also youngwhile you, let alone melancholy, let alone is lonely, the happy hourmay not wait for the person. 
      remembers, when is melancholy, gains ground looks the beautiful bluesky. that lovable white clouds, in dance for you; that blue sky willbe able to be more lovable, but you will be able joyful. i believedyou can be joyful, believed you are not always melancholy restylane!