Zhang Hua is a foreign trade company manager. That day, he was in the company's downstairs in the coffee shop, met the first time in college college girlfriend. Years have not seen, each other are some cautious, but eventually sit together, chatted up.


Little beauty or so beautiful, and Zhang Hua is somewhat vicissitudes of life. Yes, he was too hard to fight in the past few years, almost as mad as work, struggle, this from a poor boy fight to the boss's seat, but the temples are almost white.


"You, get married, right?" Asked the little beauty.


"Of course," Zhang looked up and looked at her, "my daughter is two years old.




"I am still single." Little America's face some redness, "After breaking up with you, I have been unable to mention the feelings of things, not high and not low, it delayed."


After listening to the little beauty, Zhang Hua feel the heart of the. That year, but for the little beauty of their parents too poor, perhaps Xiaomei has long been his wife. Now, little beauty or single, but they have fame, and have a family.


Xiao Mei seems to see the heart of Zhang Hua tangled, but she knew the emotional topic, for them is sensitive, is a fuse, then, then turn the subject, said something else up.


However, this encounter or break their quiet life, depressed long-term feelings, as if the gate flood, out of control. In the next few months, they frequently dating, everything seems to have returned to college, that sweet love season.


That day, Zhang Hua once again came to that cafe, and small beauty has long been waiting for a long time. Two people are some dignified expression, because it is about to talk about is Zhang Hua's divorce.


Zhang Hua's wife named Xie Yun, is a local large hospital doctors. She is outstanding ability, gentle and beautiful, and good at holding home, Zhang Hua really can not think of an excuse for divorce with her.


Xiao Mei hesitated, said: "Otherwise, I went to talk to her?"


"No," Zhang Hua categorically veto, "Xie Yun is a very traditional people, there is a strong family concept, your appearance will only increase her sense of crisis, let her more desperately want to protect this home. I will be detrimental to me, and I will become a fault in the divorce.


"What do you say?" Little Beauty did not mind.


"Really bitter," Zhang Hua bit his teeth, "let Xie Yun take the initiative to say that she wants to divorce Caixing.


Zhang Hua's idea is this: he intends to completely into their own "workaholic", every day in addition to work is the entertainment, night does not end, go back is also a tantrum ... ... so toss a month, in addition to several times Daughter scared wah-wah cry, there is no effect, because Xie Yun can even accommodate him.


"Baby do not cry, my father work hard, stress, so it will be so, we must understand him." Xie Yun is always so patiently to comfort her daughter, but also Zhang Hua's divorce plan into a bubble.


Zhang Hua some anxious, and that time, he was always thinking about it all the time. Suddenly, he remembered a man, who was named a bright, is his business partner, this guy looks good, and used to sweet talk about women, let him go close to Xie Yun, and their own bitter Cloud derailment.


Think of this, Zhang Hua's eyes bright. He felt that for such a conservative woman like Xie Yun, this trick can really be described as drastic.


And A bright is also very happy, one will agree down. He came to Xie Yun's hospital, hung Xie Yun's number, for several days have come to Xie Yun see a doctor. Some disease is blind, and some sick is true, anyway, he is gradually familiar with Xie Yun up.


Disease optimistic, naturally want to thank, treat dinner is inevitable. At first, Xie Yun is refused, but it can not withstand the bright and soft grinding foam, they also agreed several times. Zhang Hua, of course, secretly staring, but also took some photos, but just eat dinner, drink tea of ​​ordinary things, want to come is not a problem.


"You have to speed up the progress of ah," Zhang Hua is quite dissatisfied with the bright, said, "get a few intimate action, I was easy to use ah.


A bright smile with a sigh, advised: "In fact, your wife really good, you really do not know this guy in the blessing ... ..."


"You do not say, my own thing, you do not control," Zhang suddenly sank his face, "You just want to do as I said, to the time of your own benefits Neo skin lab skout.


When it comes to this, the bright and then no longer long-winded, had to act according to Zhang Hua's instructions. Can make him depressed, Xie Yun is no longer pick up his phone, just give him back to such a message: I have a family of people, and you from the bar.


A bright will tell this situation Zhang Hua, asked him how it is good. Zhang Hua thought for a moment, finally had an idea. He told a bright, Xie Yun has a habit, that is, after dinner, often go to the area on the edge of the road walk, bright can block her on the road.


Sure enough, that night, A bright on that way to see Xie Yun. A bright set of God, reason the clothes, then walked toward Xie Yun big step Neo skin lab skout.


They are getting closer and closer, A bright pretend accidentally shouted "Xie Yun", Xie Yun look at the front of the people are bright, apart from anything else, turned away. A bright look at the timing, went up and grabbed her hand and said: "Do not rush to go, find a place to talk about it.


Xie Yun still do not pay attention to him, walk away to go back. A bright again stepped forward and pulled her and said, "For a long time, I'll miss you Neo skin lab skout.


Xie Yun or not with his nonsense, direct "security, security," shouted up. A bright know that there is only four or five meters away from the door of the district, the door of the security is likely to follow the sound, on the other hand, he also felt just that scene, for Zhang Hua, it should have been enough, Then quickly loose hands, fled away.


A bright estimate is good, in Zhang Hua took the photos, there are several can show him and Xie Yun pull pull, the relationship between ambiguous, absolutely can be fake, confused.